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 Palmyra studio

Om Shanti Moira Yoga is a boutique home studio situated in idyllic Palmyra.

The spacious studio takes inspiration from Japanese architecture. Surrounded by a peaceful natural swimming pool on one side and native plants on the other, you will feel instantly at ease upon entry.

Our Hatha yoga classes include Beginner, General, O/50, Restorative and yoga one on one classes. We cater to beginners, the older body and those that need support with sporting injuries or illness.



































My learning journey with yoga began over twenty years ago. Living in Far North Queenland in the middle of the rainforest, I was introduced to the disciplines of yoga by my yoga teacher, who lived just up the fern-lined road.


Initially, I found the poses and counter poses (asanas) invigorating for my whole body and mind. Gradually over time, my muscle strength increased, as well as my energy levels and joint flexibility. This enabled me to move through a much fuller ranger of motion and opened my eyes to the full benefits of yoga.


Incorporating meditation (dhyana), concentration (dharana) and breathing regulation (pranayama) was another essential part of my early learning. Correct breathing habits were and still are an important part of my daily yoga practice and help to manage stress and overall wellness to all systems.


After returning to Dunsborough, Western Australia, I resumed yoga classes with new teachers and began studying to become a Hatha yoga teacher. I also taught in primary schools and completed a Masters degree in Education. During this period, I incorporated yoga into school environments, facilitated a restorative class for cancer patients and carers, and got involved in the local community groups. 


Now my journey has taken another turn. I have just built a new house in Palmyra with my husband, and incorporated a studio within it. Now I can continue to teach and pass on the benefits of yoga to others.

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