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Om Shanti Moira Yoga

53 Zenobia Street

Palmyra WA 6157

My journey with yoga began over twenty three years ago when my family and I were living in Far North Queenland, in the middle of the rainforest. I was introduced to the disciplines of yoga by my yoga teacher, who lived just up the fern-lined road.


Initially, I found the poses and counter poses (asanas) invigorating for my whole body and mind. Gradually over time, my muscle strength increased, as well as my energy levels and joint flexibility. This enabled me to move through a much fuller range of motion/movement and opened my eyes to some of the physical benefits of yoga.


Incorporating meditation (dhyana), concentration (dharana) and breathing regulation (pranayama) was another essential part of the mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of yoga. Correct breathing habits were and still are an important part of my daily yoga practice. This helps to manage stress by calming the nervous system,  and in turn provide wellness to the other systems in my body.


After returning to Dunsborough, I resumed yoga classes with new teachers and began studying to become a Hatha yoga teacher. This enabled me to use yoga programs within my varied primary school teaching roles ie in classroom groups, music groups, gifted and talented groups and professional development of my teaching buddies.


This also led to an opportunity to facilitate a Life Now program in Busselton, for the WA Cancer Council, which was a "restorative yoga class". It was designed for students living with cancer and their carers and enabled me to not only share yoga strategies/tools with them but was life changing for me as a teacher, a privilege to help.         


Five years on, my family have now located to Perth and we have built a rammed earth house in Palmyra and incorporated a yoga studio within the house. I now have a new opportunity of being able to continue to teach and pass on the many wonderful benefits of yoga to others in my own home, what a gift that is.

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